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1. Consultation | Training | Coaching

Our consulting services in Accelerated Profitable Growth based on marketing strategies are offered in complement with our training and coaching services of our unique "Transformational Marketing" interactive workshops program. The results of this highly popular program are fast and concrete with the full and complete commitment and cooperation of our clients..

We offer two duration options: three or six months, with three one-hour monthly sessions for the first three months, then two one-hour monthly sessions for the last three months.


 2. Transformational Marketing

Introduction: Success Mindset with Your Passion

  • Big vision business and S.M.A.R.T. goals
  • The power of branding: logo, business cards, email signature and banner, web site...
  • The power of business presentation
  • The power of web and online marketing
  • The power of focus and expertise
  • The power of systems in business leverage

Results from this unique program are remarquably fast and concrete thanks to tools and systems recommended to suit the company's needs and challenges. It practically transforms its image in its industry and makes it stand out from its competitors. With a much clearer vision, its ideal client and target market are determined clearly to facilitate the application of marketing strategies devised to accelerate its growth profitably.

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"As a result, my income increased by 50% in the first year and orders keep on coming at a regular rate... To progress quickly and profitably in your business projects, these workshops represent a long term investment but with fast and concrete results."
Nancy Vincent


"I have almost doubled my income this year... I don't think I can have a better coach than Simone and I highly recommend her to ambitious entrepreneurs who want to grow their business to the next level with her program of accelerated and profitable business growth."
Gilles Lamontagne


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