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With today's economy unpredictable ups and downs, Passion 2 Success' awareness of how vulnerable companies are with the performance of their human capital as well as their talent retention, brought our attention to offer inspirational key notes with the purpose of awakening the Passion and Joy to those of us who have to make a living with our daily work to cater to the needs of our families. We truly believe if people love to do what they do every day, they don't work, they actually "play" as they feel so passionate about what they do that they have FUN while doing it.

With this purpose in mind, Passion 2 Success creates the following topics to infuse the Passion, Enthusiasm and the "Alive" feeling to the corporate environment in order to achieve the Success it envisions and so deserves.

Subjects offered:

  • The Power of Vision, Passion and Excellence in the Success Recipe of the Corporate Environment (Signature Conference)
  • The Power of Leverage in Business and Human Capital in a Company's Success
  • The power of Passion in the Art of Customer Service and the "WOW" Effect
  • The Power of Influence of the Passionate Inspiring Leader in Team Work
  • The Power of "Transformational Marketing" in Accelerated Profitable Business Growth
  • The Power of Culture and Philanthropic Contribution in Corporate Success
  • The Power of Creativity and Innovation in Today's Economy
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Gilles Lamontagne


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