Simone Hoa

Simone HoaWho would have thought a little Vietnamese girl having lost her father at five could become an inspirational speaker in a foreign country at the twilight of her life while her two sisters and friends of her age begin their retirement.

But it is a conscious choice on my part because I realize this is the reason I was born on this earth, and the divine gift, my natural talent as a speaker I received is so precious and special I have to use it to serve humanity in the best way I can. I feel privileged to be chosen for this task and since have discovered the ultimate goal of my life.

My path and well-travelled life experience made me cross the oceans a few times: first from South Vietnam to Australia for my university studies with a scholarship, then from Australia to Canada to join my family of a mother, who passed away August 27th, 2011 at the age of 92, and two sisters to establish myself in the province of Quebec since 1985. In between, I have lived in five cultures, including that of Vietnam and France, Australia , the United States and Canada, and have travelled around the world.

After an unfair disastrous financial loss that nearly bankrupted me in 2005, I experienced a painfully long period of reconnection to redefine my true identity and recreate myself to become who I really am.

Today, I am a speaker, consultant, trainer, and coach in accelerated profitable business growth combined with personal development. I am also a co-author of four books published in the United States with renowned bestselling authors such as Jack Canfield, Deepak Chopra, and Brian Tracy. The book with Brian Tracy "Cracking the Success Code" was named best-seller with Amazon in August 2012. My own book "Success Has No Age" will be published by the Passion to Success Academy in the near future.

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