My mission, vision and legacy


During the process of discovering my true passion and potential at the twilight of my life, I found the purpose of my life and gave myself a mission: it is to help people of all ages, races, cultures and countries in the world to discover their passion and potential, live them fully as soon as possible in their life to derive profits from it that will contribute to their professional and financial success, leading to a successful dream life filled with joy, happiness and fulfillment.


My vision includes the following projects:

  • To make it accessible to everyone, and all those who take the decision to improve their lives with the realization of their true potential and dreams thanks to the availability of my teaching, books, CD's, DVD's and workshops.
  • A long-term goal: to train facilitators to conduct Passion 2 Success workshops in local communities around the world to make a difference in people's lives and make the world we live in a better world for future generations.
  • To this end, the Passion 2 Success Academy will be founded to provide an opportunity for workshop facilitators and trainers around the world to receive the Academy training so that they can teach them in turn in their own countries, become entrepreneurs in their own business in order to help others become self-employed with these programs.
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  • To perpetuate a wealth of materials in personal development and business growth such as books, CDs, DVD's, and in particular, practical and affordable workshops that can benefit local communities to make a better impact on people's lives to help them create their own success and financial freedom.
  • To continue the work and the contribution to the success of Passion 2 Success Academy Foundation founded during in my lifetime to fund causes that are dear to me heart. As my second passion is the opera, a part of my legacy will be used to subsidize the Montreal Opera to perpetuate its presence in the rich culture of the city of Montreal.



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"As a result, my income increased by 50% in the first year and orders keep on coming at a regular rate... To progress quickly and profitably in your business projects, these workshops represent a long term investment but with fast and concrete results."
Nancy Vincent


"I have almost doubled my income this year... I don't think I can have a better coach than Simone and I highly recommend her to ambitious entrepreneurs who want to grow their business to the next level with her program of accelerated and profitable business growth."
Gilles Lamontagne


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