Simone Hoa is an inspirational speaker, consultant, trainer
and coach in accelerated profitable business growth.


My specialty is to help executives, managers and their employees, as well as entrepreneurs to achieve success in their business and/or their career in pursuing their passion and realizing their potential. Thus they can inspire people around them to do the same.

The question is which process should we use to achieve such goals?

The solution offered by Passion 2 Success is its Transformational Marketing program which includes interactive workshops complemented with coaching. This unique workshops program combines personal development with efficient marketing strategies to produce fast and concrete results. Furthermore, to re-enforce the marketing process, we add our Turn-Key Package service to help our clients to create, position and promote their brand to their target market.

The coaching service, individual or group based, is available to corporate management or its employees and can be personalized to create the momentum necessary to support a sustainable accelerated growth.

My services expand to corporate key notes to inspire an open mind and a winning attitude with the focus on the pursuit of excellence, combined with inspiring leadership, creativity and innovation. Associations, non-profit organizations and Chambers of Commerce can also benefit from my inspirational key notes.



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